Frequently Asked Questions

  • Orders

  • Do you ship outside of the UK?

    Good old Gordon was an intrepid traveler and because of this we want our products to be able to journey as many Rhodes as possible.

    If you’re from a faraway land and wish to buy some of our delicious products, please contact the GR Team and we’ll try and work something out for you.

  • How soon will my order arrive?

    Gone are the days of carrier pigeons, which means that we can speed things up a little!

    We aim to dispatch all orders within 3 working days by Royal Mail, so your order will be with you before you know it!

  • I'm having trouble placing my online order, what can I do?

    Sometimes the pesky internet can be troublesome!

    Simply call us and we will be happy to process your order the good old fashioned way for you instead.

  • Products

  • Where can I buy your products near me?

    That’s a jolly good question!

    Here’s where you can track us down…

    Lakeland – The Pig EasyAmerican BBQ Style Pulled Pork & Sticky Brisket of Beef without the Grief.

    Waitrose – Gluten Free Drop Bread Gorgeous Bread Sauce Mix & Gluten Free Sage & Onion Stuffing

    Wholefoods – Our entire range of Gourmet Sauce Mixes & Stuffings

    Booths– Products vary by store

    Many Fine Food Emporia, Quality Butchers, Fancy Farm Shops and Delightful Delicatessen also stockour range but unfortunately, there’s too many to keep track of!

    We’d be more than happy to try and locate one near you if you need our help. Simply contact us and we’ll have a good search! 

  • Is your Jolly Fine Gluten Free stuffing Wheat Free?

    Before you break down and rye, let us tell you how our breadcrumbs are made… They’re lovingly stitched together from a blend of rice flour, gram flour,maize starch, salt and dextrose! So, yes, they are most certainly free from wheat, barley and oats!

  • Are your products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

    What is small, red and whispers? A hoarse radish!

    On a more serious note, you’ll be thrilled to hear that most of our products are suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans!

    The exceptions to the rule is our Drop Bread Gorgeous Sauce, which isn’t vegan-friendly as it contains skimmed milk powder.

  • I don't have a slow cooker, can I cook using a Casserole dish?

    Only got a fast cooker, hey? That’s not a problem as our sauce mixes can also be used in a pan or in the oven!

    We recommend that you pop the sauce mixes in the oven at a moderate temperature of around 160oC for 4 hours, then put your feet up and relax – you deserve it! Just make sure you give the dish a stir every so often…

  • Can you freeze the products once made up and cooked?

    Chill - of course you can!

    On the rare occasions you haven’t devoured the lot, all of our cooked sauces are freeze-thaw stable and can be frozen, ready for a tasty treat at a later date.

  • Where can I find your ingredients list?

    Right, we have a magic trick for you…

    Pick up your packet, turn it over, and abracadabra – there’s your ingredients!

    If however, you’ve forgotten your spectacles, or if Gordon HQ have printed the list a little too small, you can find them readily zoomable on our website.

  • What else can I make with the products?

    Ohhh, so many delicious things! Click here to take a peek at some of our recipe ideas.

    I used your product to make xxxx, where can I share this?

    Been exploring have you? It would be a jolly fine privilege if you were to share this with us!

    You can drop an email to with your recipe, or you can alsoshare your creations with us on Facebook (/GordonRhodesLtd), Instagram (@Gordon_Rhodes), and Twitter (@Gordon_Rhodes)! We may even give you a little prize…

  • I've heard some of your products are a bit on the spicy side, how can I cool them down?

    Well, they do say food is the spice of life…

    Sometimes in life you need a little kick and our Lamb Tagine can give you that! A memoire to Gordon’s adventures, this exotic North African dishis big on flavor, aroma and has a hint of spice.

    To cool it down a tick, we recommend you add either some sour cream or natural yoghurt.The same goes for the No Hurry Chicken Curry, which can be a little lively for some.

    If you also don’t want to risk it with the Beef Brisket (which contains a little bit of chilli)you could always add a tablespoon of maple syrup to give it a sweet touch (wild, we know!).Now that sounds a-moo-sing to us.

  • Do I need to seal my meat or can I just pop it in the slow Cooker?

    Ooohno - There’s no need for any pre-cooking or sealing! Just bish bash posh it all in and let the slow cooker do the hard work.

  • Can I use different meats to the one it recommends on the front of the pack?

    Gordon loved a little adventure in his life, so of course you can!

    Did you know that Quorn and other protein substitutes work really well with our products? Take a sneaky peek at our recipes for more hints and tips.

  • Some of your products contain Malt Vinegar, however are advertised as Gluten Free. How can this be?

    That's a jolly fine question! We asked our technical boffins who have told us the following:

    'Malt vinegar is made from barley which contains gluten, however ELISA testing of vinegar fails to show Gluten above the limit of detection (10ppm) and it is recognised as safe by the Coeliac Society.'

  • The Company

  • Who’s Gordon Rhodes?

    Gordon Rhodes was an intrepid traveller who searched the globe for the finest ingredients and delicious recipes to create wholesome, flavourful food. He returned to his Yorkshire home full of Eastern promise – as well as pockets full of herbs and spices!

    In 1979, Gordon started selling seasoning, spice and all things nice to the local butchery trade, sharing his exotic tales along the way. After countless years of culinary exploration, the Gordon Rhodes (GR) retail brand was first unveiled in 2011, all expertly blended with busy households in mind. For a whistle-stop tour of how we evolved from there, why not click here for a gander at our history

  • Do you have any awards for your products?

    Are you bready for this? Our Drop Bread Gorgeous Bread sauce was awarded A Great Taste Gold Star in 2014!We were also awarded CoolBrand status in 2013/14 and have won an innovation award for our fabulous products! Good ey?

  • Will you be attending any Events this year?

    We’ll be trundling along, sachets in hand, to a whole host of foodie events! Come along and join us for a stew-pendous tasting of treats.

  • Do you have any accreditations?

    Oh yes! We’re proud to tell you we’re a BRC Grade A accredited manufacturer and we’ve gone and got ourselves a Coeliac UK Licensed Certification too (CUK-M-246). Pretty impressive wouldn’t you say?

  • I would like to stock your product, how do I go about purchasing them / getting a trade price list?

    Do get in touch with us! Send us an email, use our contact page or pick up the good old fashioned telephone to give us an Alexander Graham Bell - we’d be happy to help you spread the word!